Why Choose Con-Fused to Perform your EICR?


Why do I need an EICR?

An EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, is a crucial component of any building’s electrical system. This inspection is designed to help identify and assess any potential issues with your building’s wiring and safety equipment.

By catching problems early on and addressing them before they become serious, EICRs can help to protect the longevity of your building’s electrical system.

Given the importance of this inspection, it is essential that you work with a qualified electrician who has the knowledge and experience needed to perform an accurate EICR.

So if you want to protect your home or business against electrical hazards, make sure that you schedule an EICR today.

What does an EICR cover?

An EICR is a detailed assessment of the safety and functionality of an electrical system. It can be performed on any type of structure that uses electricity for lighting or other purposes, including homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

The main goal is to identify potential problems with the electrical system and make recommendations for how these issues can be resolved. In general, an EICR will cover all aspects of the system, including wiring and power outlets, as well as any additional equipment like smoke detectors or security alarms.

Additionally, it will look at factors like maintenance records and previous repairs in order to determine if any underlying problems could affect safety or performance.

Ultimately, it provides valuable insights into the state of an electrical system that are essential for ensuring user safety and building functionality.

How often does an EICR need to be done?

In general, the inspection should be completed at least once every five years, depending on the usage of the system and other factors such as weather conditions and changes in ownership.

The frequency of these inspections will vary from one building to another, but it is crucial that they are carried out consistently in order to protect building occupants from potential hazards.

If you ensure that you have the inspection every 5 years you can help to ensure that any potential safety hazards are identified and rectified to avoid them becoming a problem in the future.

Do Landlords need an EICR?

The short answer to this question is yes – landlords do need an EICR, or an electrical installation condition report. This type of report helps to ensure that a property’s electrical system is safe and functioning properly, reducing the risk of injury or damage.

An EICR typically involves a licensed electrician performing an inspection of a property’s wiring to identify any potential hazards or issues. If necessary, the electrician may also make recommendations for repairs or improvements to help ensure that the electrical system is in good working order.

Overall, making sure that your property has a proper EICR is essential for both landlords and tenants alike, as it can help protect against potentially dangerous situations and reduce liability for property damage.

So, if you are a landlord it is essential that you keep on top of their electrical maintenance and make sure that they carry out testing every five years.

Why Choose Con-Fused for your EICR?

Here at Con-Fused we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, professional service. We are accredited by the NICEIC and all of our electricians are fully qualified. We carry out electrical installation condition reports for both domestic and commercial properties.

This is an important safety check that should be carried out every few years to ensure that your electrical installation is safe and up to scratch. We will thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with a detailed report, highlighting any areas of concern.

We can then work with you to rectify any issues, ensuring that your property is safe and compliant with current regulations.

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