Rewiring Services

Rewiring Services

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Electrical Rewiring is Vital for Modern Living

Behind the walls and beneath the surface lies a complex network of electrical wiring that powers our daily lives. Over time, these systems can become outdated, prone to faults, and potentially hazardous. That’s where our complete electrical rewiring services step in, acting as a transformative force that breathes new life into your electrical infrastructure.

By upgrading and modernising these essential systems, we mitigate the risk of electrical fires and accidents. Our electrical rewiring services empower you to embrace the latest technologies, seamlessly integrate smart home solutions, and optimise energy consumption.

From enhanced safety to increased energy efficiency, electrical rewiring services are the cornerstone of a modern and sustainable living environment.

Con-Fused is home to skilled and registered rewiring electricians that are 24/7 ready to address your electrical wiring issues through their trusted services.

Secure Your Property, Protect Your Investment

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or an industrial operator, we at Con-Fused understand the critical nature of electrical systems and the impact they have on your daily operations.

That’s why we’re committed to providing uninterrupted support, ensuring that our team of skilled electricians is available 24/7 to address any electrical rewiring requirements you may have.

From domestic dwellings seeking to upgrade their electrical infrastructure and commercial establishments striving for seamless functionality to industrial facilities demanding robust and reliable systems, we have the expertise and experience to handle all.

Trust us to deliver top-quality electrical rewiring services at any time of day or night, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Empowering Your Space

Our NICEIC registered rewiring services offer numerous advantages that considerably enhance the safety, functionality, and efficiency of your electrical systems.

Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind: Our electrical rewiring services guarantee a safe and secure electrical system, eliminating potential hazards like faulty wiring and outdated components.

Optimise Efficiency and Performance: We take on all measures, such as replacing outdated components with energy-efficient alternatives, to help you minimise your energy consumption and reduce your utility bills.

Accommodate Growing Demands: Our house rewiring services ensure that your home, business, or industrial facility can easily handle the electrical needs of modern appliances and equipment. Future-proof your electrical infrastructure with our scalable and robust solutions at affordable electrical rewiring cost.

Meet Safety Regulations and Codes: Our rewiring services bring your electrical system up to code, ensuring a safe environment and avoiding potential penalties or legal issues.

Enhance Your Property Value: Investing in professional electrical rewiring not only improves the safety and functionality of your property but also enhances its value. Potential buyers or tenants will appreciate an upgraded electrical system, making your property more attractive.

Expert Consultation and Support: Being equipped with a professional experience spanning over the years, our electricians carry out clear communication throughout the process, answering your questions and ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction.

24/7 Inclusive Services

Our comprehensive electrical wiring services encompass a wide range of offerings to meet the diverse needs of our valued clients.

Initial Consultation and Assessment: Before setting out for the job, our skilled electricians thoroughly evaluate your current electrical system. They assess its condition, discuss key issues, and proceed as per your requirements and goals.

Customised Electrical Design: Based on the assessment and your preferences, we develop a customised electrical design plan that aligns with your needs and ensures optimal functionality and efficiency. We consider factors such as power requirements, load distribution, safety measures, and code compliance.

Wiring Installation and Upgrades: Our skilled electricians handle the complete installation or upgrading of electrical wiring throughout your property. This includes routing and connecting wiring from the main electrical panel to outlets, switches, lighting fixtures, appliances, and other electrical components.

Panel Upgrades and Circuit Breaker Installation: If your electrical panel is outdated or insufficient to handle the electrical load, we provide panel upgrades and install appropriate circuit breakers to ensure the safe and reliable distribution of electricity throughout your property.

Component Replacement and Repair: We replace or repair faulty or outdated electrical components such as switches, outlets, sockets, and light fixtures.

Code Compliance and Permits: Our electrical wiring services adhere to local electrical codes and regulations. We obtain the necessary permits and ensure that all work is conducted in compliance with safety standards.

Final Testing and Inspection: Once the wiring installation or upgrades are completed, we conduct thorough testing and inspections to ensure that your electrical system functions flawlessly and meets the highest standards of safety and performance.


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