PAT Testing in London

PAT Testing in London

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We are living in a technology-driven world, and we are highly dependent on electrical appliances for our daily routine tasks. That is why it is crucial to maintain electrical safety and minimise the chances of any potential electrical hazard. PAT testing solutions offer the best way to ensure electrical safety.

In portable appliance testing, all the electrical and electronic appliances are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are working normally and do not threaten the users. However, you must engage a PAT testing company in London to carry out PAT testing, ascertain the safety of your electrical equipment,  and attain a portable appliance test certificate as a result, which verifies that your appliances are safe for use.

Con-Fused is a well-established firm that has provided services of PAT testing in London for years. We house only certified electrical technicians who are fully capable of carrying out inspection and testing safely and efficiently and provide a PAT testing certificate in London after thoroughly inspecting your electrical appliances.

Unmatchable Benefits of the PAT

Our PAT testing services in London offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Improved safety and reduced risk of electrical accidents
  • Identification of electrical faults and potential hazards
  • Mitigation of liability claims and legal consequences
  • Extended lifespan of appliances and reduced repair costs
  • Increased energy efficiency and cost savings
  • Peace of mind for employees, business owners and customers
  • Fulfilment of insurance requirements
  • Legal and regulatory compliance

Our Detailed and Thorough Procedure

Our technicians follow a well-designed algorithm to ensure maximum output for portable appliance testing in London.

Visual Inspection: A visual examination is conducted to check for any obvious signs of damage, such as frayed cables, loose connections, or physical defects. The tester looks for potential hazards, incorrect usage, and signs of wear and tear.

Earth Continuity Test: This test verifies the integrity of the earth connection in an appliance. It involves measuring the resistance between the earth pin of the plug and the accessible metal parts of the appliance. A low resistance indicates a good earth connection.

Insulation Resistance Test: This test measures the resistance between the live conductors and the earth or between different live conductors. It checks for insulation breakdown or leakage, ensuring the appliance is adequately insulated.

Earth Leakage Test: Class I appliances have an earth connection to prevent electric shock. The earth leakage test measures the leakage current flowing from the appliance to the earth and ensures it is within safe limits.

Functional Checks: Depending on the type of appliance, additional tests may be performed to assess its functionality. This may include running the appliance through its operation modes, checking safety features, or using specific testing equipment for specialised appliances.

Documentation and Labelling: After testing, each appliance is individually labelled as passed or failed according to the test result. The labels typically include the test date, the tester’s name, and relevant notes. Detailed records are maintained, documenting the test results for future reference and compliance purposes.

PAT Testing in London

Our Comprehensive Testing Service

We at Con-fused provide PAT services for all kinds of appliances. Appliances for portable testing are divided into three classes, i.e.:

Class I Appliances: These appliances have a protective earth connection and typically have a metal casing. Examples include computers, refrigerators, washing machines, power tools, and kettles. Class I appliances require the most comprehensive testing due to their higher risk potential.

Class II Appliances: Also known as double-insulated appliances, Class II devices are designed to eliminate the need for an earth connection. Their additional insulation also protects against an electric shock. Examples include televisions, audio equipment, power tools, and some chargers.

Class III Appliances: Class III appliances are low-voltage devices supplied with power from a safety isolating transformer. These devices operate at extra-low voltages (typically 50V or less) and include laptops, mobile phones, and some power tools. Class III appliances have built-in safety measures and are typically considered to have a very low risk of electrical shock.


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Make it Affordable with Con-Fused

The PAT testing cost in London depends on the number of appliances you want tested. If you have a large number of appliances, we will provide a discounted offer to you.

On average, the PAT testing cost per item is £1.25 for up to 50 appliances and £1 for 100 or more.

Choose Us for Reliable Services

Con-Fused is a highly renowned firm providing portable appliance safety services for years. Our electrical technicians are competent, certified and highly experienced in the field. Engage our services today to carry out PAT testing in London for your residential or commercial properties to ensure the safety of all the occupants.