PAT Testing in Harrow

PAT Testing in Harrow

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What is Portable Appliance Testing?

PAT testing, or portable appliance testing, is a process of inspecting and examining portable equipment to ensure they are safe to use. It includes:

  • A formal visual inspection
  • Use of PAT testing equipment
  • Documentation

Con-Fused, with a team of certified and experienced technicians, is providing the finest services for PAT testing Harrow has to offer. Our meticulously designed procedure ensures a detailed inspection to produce perfect results while adhering to all the regulations. Our technicians will also provide PAT testing certificates after the process is done.

How Is Local PAT Testing Carried Out?

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is conducted to identify any signs of damage to an appliance, such as loose connections, frayed cables, or physical defects. The tester will also inspect the appliance to verify that it is not posing any threat due to its incorrect usage or wear and tear.

Earth Continuity Test

In this test, the resistance between the earth pin and any metallic part of the appliance is measured to ensure there is no leakage in the earth connection. If the resistance value is low, that means the earth connection is working fine.

Insulation Resistance Test

In this test, the resistance between live conductors is measured. This test also checks for any signs of insulation damage, leakage or any other signs of problems to verify that the appliance is perfectly insulated and safe to use. If the value of the resistance is low, that means the appliance is properly insulated.

PAT Testing in Harrow

Earth Leakage Test

This test is carried out for Class I appliances because they have earth connections to keep the user safe from electric shocks. In this test, the leakage current is measured from the appliance to the earth. If the leakage current value is low, it means the earth connection is working fine.

Functional Checks

There may be some additional tests required depending on the appliance type, such as functionality checks, operational modes and checking for other safety features. Some appliances may require specialised equipment for PAT electrical testing.

Documentation and Labelling

Once the testing is done, the appliance is marked pass or fail according to the results. They are also labelled with the date, tester’s name and other comments. However, the records should be properly generated and maintained for future reference and must include the following:

  • Number of tested equipment
  • A record of all performed tests
  • Faulty equipment record
  • Repair details of faulty equipment

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What Are PAT Testing Regulations in the UK?

Although there are no regulations mandating PAT testing at regular intervals, certain regulations are put in place to ensure that PAT testing is carried out regularly.

Following are some PAT testing regulations in Harrow:

  • All manufacturers must ensure that their portable appliances comply with the relevant safety regulations.
  • All employers and landlords must ensure that portable appliances are safe to use by conducting regular PAT testing.
  • Employers and landlords must keep all portable appliances in good working condition by maintaining them properly.
  • PAT testing must be carried out on a periodic basis to ensure that the appliance remains safe to use for the occupants of the building.
  • Only competent individuals who are trained and certified can provide PAT testing services.

How Much Does PAT Testing Cost?

The cost of PAT testing is calculated based on the number of appliances. On average, you will be charged around £1.25 per appliance for up to fifty appliances. If you are getting up to 100 appliances or more tested, the PAT testing company in Harrow decreases the cost to around £1 per appliance.

Con-Fused – The Finest PAT Testing in Harrow

Con-Fused is a vastly experienced company providing portable appliance safety testing services in Harrow for years. We have built our trust with the help of our highly experienced technicians and by complying with all the safety regulations. Contact us through a phone call or our page to book our services or get the PAT testing quote.

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