PAT Testing in Harlow

PAT Testing in Harlow

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PAT electrical testing is a process of regular testing of appliances for safety. This helps reduce the risk of any accidents through visual inspections and certain tests. Regular PAT testing reduces the danger of electrical mishaps and significant property damage. All business uses different electrical devices or appliances, making PAT testing compulsory.

At Con-Fused, we offer advanced Portable Appliance Safety Testing in Harlow to ensure the safety of your appliances. Our specialists are highly experienced and thoroughly understand electrical safety regulations and standards and help you with all your PAT testing needs.

Get in touch today for the most reliable services for PAT testing in Harlow to ensure the safety and compliance of your equipment.

Benefits of PAT Testing Service

  • Minimises Fire Dangers: Local PAT testing guarantees that electrical equipment is safe to use, lowering the danger of electrical shocks and fire hazards.
  • Regulation Compliance: Regions have regulations in place that require frequent electrical safety tests. PAT testing assists organisations and people in meeting these legal obligations.
  • Extended Equipment Life: Regular testing and maintenance can uncover problems early on, allowing for immediate repairs or replacements. This increases the longevity of electrical equipment, saving money on costly replacements.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your electrical appliances have been fully inspected and confirmed safe offers employees, customers, and residents peace of mind.
  • Insurance Coverage: As a condition for coverage, some insurance policies may require PAT testing. A valid PAT certificate helps ensure that insurance claims for electrical events are not invalidated.
  • Improved Efficiency: Identifying malfunctioning appliances can lead to better operational efficiency. Appliances that aren’t working or are inefficient can be changed or fixed, ensuring a seamless workflow and less downtime.
  • Electrical Overload Prevention: PAT testing can identify appliances that are drawing too much current, assisting in preventing overloads and subsequent electrical system damage.
PAT Testing in Harlow

What Types of Appliances Need PAT Testing?

The appliances are classified into three classes. Class 1 equipment requires full PAT testing, class 2 needs just insulation PAT testing, and class 3 doesn’t need testing at all.

Class 1: These electrical appliances have only basic insulation. For example, photocopiers, vending machines, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves, irons, laptop cables, extension leads, desktop computers, etc.

Class 2: These types of appliances have extra insulation. For instance, desktop printers, lawnmowers, lamps, drills, televisions, CD players, hairdryers, hair straighteners, etc.

Class 3: This category involves low-voltage equipment and is safest to use.  For example, torches, laptops, cameras, mobile phone chargers, etc.                      


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Why Choose Con-Fused?

  • Cutting-edge PAT testing equipment to conduct complete inspections of your appliances, finding any potential flaws or risks.
  • Affordable pricing to ensure you receive excellent service without breaking the bank.
  • After testing and inspecting all your equipment for safety, we issue the PAT certificate for your records.

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Don’t put your electrical equipment’s safety at risk. Contact us today for your PAT testing in Harlow. You can schedule an appointment or obtain a quote for your PAT testing needs.


Safety regulations in the UK dictate that only a competent person, i.e. a certified and experienced electrician, can handle electrical appliances and installation.

Although a specific certificate is not legally required to undertake PAT testing, training and credentials are crucial for carrying out the tests effectively and safely.

A PAT test certificate’s validity normally varies based on the location and the applicable safety standards. Generally speaking, certificates are good for 3-5 years; nevertheless, frequent retesting is required to maintain electrical safety standards.