PAT Testing in Enfield

PAT Testing in Enfield

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Technology revolution in the past few decades has made our lives highly dependent on it. Although appliances have evolved to be safer and more user-friendly than ever, they still pose some threats and can be extremely catastrophic in case of accidents. That is why it is recommended to hire portable appliance safety testing services in Enfield to carry out PAT on all your portable appliances to ensure they function properly and are safe to use.

If you want the best local PAT testing Enfield can provide, Con-Fused is the solution. We are trusted and well-established electrical contractors who prioritise safety and client satisfaction. Contact us today for a highly affordable and no-obligation PAT testing quote for your property.

Benefits of PAT Testing

  • PAT tests help decrease the probability of electrical accidents.
  • They ensure the safety of electrical appliances provided to tenants in rental properties.
  • They decrease the likelihood of workplace fires.
  • Routine PAT tests can extend the lifetime of appliances.
  • By undergoing risk-appropriate testing, you can ensure compliance with UK regulations.
  • Regular PAT tests contribute to maintaining a positive relationship with your insurance company.

Our Thorough PAT Testing Procedure

As an experienced PAT testing company in Enfield, we have divided our procedure into three discrete phases to ensure maximum output:

Phase 1: Formal Inspection

Our electricians inspect all the appliances visually, ensuring they are sound and there are no loose electrical circuits. They follow a detailed and thorough protocol to ensure they do not miss even the tiniest detail. They perform the following checks:

  • Signs of burns or deterioration on the plug and sockets.
  • Ensuring all the electrical circuits are safe and tight at their positions.
  • Damages, burns or cuts on any exposed wires.
  • External or internal corrosion or any visible damages on the appliance.
  • Residual current testing for all the appliances.

Phase 2: Using a Portable Appliance Tester

In this phase, they will use PAT testing equipment for a more comprehensive and deep assessment of your appliances. We employ licenced and highly trained professionals capable of carrying out these assessments. With a PAT tester, they assess:

  • Insulation resistance of the appliance
  • Earth Continuity
  • Lead Polarity.

After performing these checks, they will flag the appliance as safe or unsafe to use. They can also issue a PAT testing certificate for your appliances.

Phase 3: Documentation

After completing the PAT electrical testing procedure, they will generate a complete report including all the important information, such as:

  • Number of equipment tested
  • Details of performed tests
  • List of faulty appliances
PAT Testing in Enfield

We Cover All Portable Appliances

Con-Fused proudly offers a comprehensive range of PAT testing Enfield services, covering all portable appliances, such as:

Class I:

These appliances typically have a metallic casing, single insulation and an earth connection. They require more comprehensive and periodic testing to ensure they are safe to use. Class I appliances include:

  • Washing machines
  • Refrigerators
  • Kettles
  • Power tools, etc.

Class II:

These appliances have an extra layer of insulation and do not need earthing. These appliances include the following:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • DVD players
  • Photocopiers, etc.

Class III:

Class III appliances are low-voltage appliances and do not pose any considerable threat to the users. These appliances may also include some built-in safety features. Class III appliances include:

  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Mobile phone chargers, etc.

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PAT Testing Regulations in the UK

Although rules and regulations do not restrict the time span between two consecutive PAT procedures, there are some PAT testing regulations in Enfield to ensure that appliances are tested at regular intervals, such as:

  • All manufacturers must comply with regulations for safe portable appliances.
  • All employers and landlords must ensure that the appliances are safe to use by conducting PAT tests.
  • Landlords and employers must keep all the appliances in good working order and maintain them properly.
  • Periodic testing of portable appliances must be carried out for safety assurance.
  • Only competent individuals are allowed to perform PAT testing using proper instruments.

Make It Affordable with Con-Fused

The PAT testing cost is determined by the number of appliances being tested. For up to 50 appliances, the average cost per item is £1.25, while for 100 or more appliances, the cost is reduced to £1 per item.

Our pricing structure offers a discounted rate for larger quantities of appliances. If you have any further inquiries about our PAT testing services or require additional assistance, you may contact us.

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