PAT Testing in Croydon

PAT Testing in Croydon

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Portable Appliance Safety Testing Services

Our portable appliance safety testing services in Croydon include a comprehensive inspection and testing process for electrical appliances to assess their safety and compliance with relevant regulations.

PAT testing is not a statutory requirement but adherence to this standard ensures the safety of all occupants, visitors, employees, and customers in a property where portable appliances are commonly used. Our accredited and qualified electricians are experts at carrying out PAT electrical testing. Contact us to book our PAT testing services today and get a PAT testing quote.

Our Simple Seven-Step Process

  1. Visual Inspection: A thorough visual inspection of each electrical appliance is conducted to check for any visible damage, defects, loose connections, or signs of wear and tear.
  2. Earth Continuity Testing: Our electrician will measure the electrical continuity between the earth connection and exposed conductive parts of the appliance to ensure a secure earth connection.
  3. Insulation Resistance Testing: Using the latest PAT testing equipment, our electrician will carry out insulation resistance testing to measure the resistance between the live, neutral, and earth conductors, which confirms that the insulation is intact and can prevent electrical leakage or short circuits.
  4. Earth Leakage Testing: Our PAT testing Croydon also includes earth leakage testing, which determines if there is any current leakage from the appliance.
  5. Functional Testing: Functional testing involves checking the operation and functionality of the appliance. The tester may activate switches, controls, and safety features to ensure they function correctly.
  6. Testing Documentation and Reporting: The local PAT testing service provider prepares detailed testing reports and documentation. These documents typically include the appliance’s identification details, test results, testing dates, and any identified issues or recommendations.
  7. Appliance Labelling: After the testing, appliances are labelled with a sticker or tag indicating their test status, such as “Passed” or “Tested.” The label typically includes the testing date and the due date for the next testing cycle.
PAT Testing in Croydon

Is PAT Testing a Legal Requirement?

PAT testing or portable appliance testing is not a legal requirement in the UK. However, legal obligations and regulations related to electrical safety apply to employers, landlords, and duty-holders. These regulations require individuals and organisations to ensure the safety of electrical appliances and equipment on their premises. The main legislation pertaining to electrical safety in the UK includes:

  1. Health and Safety at Work Act 1974: This legislation places a general duty on employers and duty holders to ensure the safety, health, and welfare of employees and others who may be affected by their work activities. This includes ensuring the safety of electrical equipment.
  2. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989: This requires employers and duty holders to maintain electrical systems and equipment safely to prevent danger. Employers and duty-holders are responsible for implementing adequate maintenance programs, inspections, and testing to ensure electrical safety.

While PAT testing is not explicitly mandated by law, it is often considered a best practice and recommended by regulatory bodies, such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), to fulfil the legal obligations related to electrical safety.


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PAT Testing Certificate

Once your PAT testing Croydon is completed, we will issue you a PAT testing certificate, also known as a PAT testing report or electrical safety certificate, which is a document that provides a record of the results and findings from Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) conducted on electrical appliances. The certificate proves the appliances have been inspected and tested for electrical safety. A typical PAT testing certificate includes the following information:

  1. Test Date
  2. Test Location
  3. Client Information
  4. Testing Company Information
  5. Appliance Information
  6. Test Results
  7. Defects or Issues
  8. Remedial Actions
  9. Retesting Intervals
  10. Certificate Validity

The PAT testing certificate serves as a record of compliance with electrical safety regulations and demonstrates that appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the safety of electrical appliances. It is provided to clients, employers, landlords, insurance companies, or regulatory authorities as evidence of compliance and to maintain an organised record of the testing history for each appliance.

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  • Certified and accredited electricians experienced in carrying out PAT testing.
  • Affordable PAT testing cost.
  • Quick and reliable PAT testing.
  • Record maintenance for future testing.
  • Electrical repairs and maintenance services to keep your appliances in the best shape.

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