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PAT Testing Service

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Legislation passed by Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 enforces businesses to maintain electrical appliances that can cause tremendous damage, but there is no strict rule enforcing PAT testing. PAT testing service is one of the prominent solutions for ensuring electrical appliance safety. Due to technological advancements, we are surrounded by electrical appliances to perform various tasks smoothly. Due to these appliances being sensitive to voltage and connectivity, several mishaps can occur due to faults in them. Hence, the need for a portable appliance safety testing service was felt to monitor the reliability of these appliances.

Various companies provide PAT testing services, but only a few are reliable, depending on their priorities. Con-Fused is one of the most reliable companies for PAT testing in the UK that has acquired years of industry experience. Equipped with the latest tools and experts, we ensure the safety of workers and residents in a building.

Risks of Defective Appliances

The three significant dangers of using defective electrical appliances that can be minimised by PAT electrical testing are:

Burns: Live contact with arc flash can cause severe damage to the human body, and it can burn the skin and may also burn internal tissues if exposed to high temperatures.

Flames: Fires are the most commonly encountered situations in the UK due to defective appliances. It is caused when an eroded cable is exposed to a flammable surface like fabric, thread or carpet, and it will cause wildfire that is hard to cover up.

Electricity Shocks: Sometimes, defective appliances may cause electric shocks, which may cause nerve damage, muscle problems, or a temporary disorder in the exposed person.

Types of Appliances Involved in PAT Testing Service

Here are some kinds of appliances on which PAT testing regulations implement:

  • IT Appliances
  • Portable Appliances
  • Cables and Chargers
  • Handheld Appliances
  • Fixed Appliances
  • Stationary Appliances

Currently, there is no specific legal definition for portable. A standard meaning that prevails is ‘any detachable electrical device having a cable line and a plug’.

How Can You Identify Which Appliances Are Eligible for PAT Testing?

Two simple ways exist to examine the extent of PAT testing for an appliance. The first one is to check the class of equipment. They are classified into three classes, i.e., classes 1, 2, and 3. Class 1 is the most dangerous, then class 2 and the least dangerous is class 3.

The second way is to identify the category of electrical appliances. Seven categories exist, each with a unique level of PAT testing required.

PAT Testing Service

Why Choose Con-Fused for PAT Testing Services?

There are numerous reasons to prefer Con-Fused for nationwide PAT testing service. Here are some significant reasons:

Available Anytime and Fastest Response: We provide 24/7 local PAT testing services and are easily accessible. On your single call, our professional electrical team will visit your home or workspace and thoroughly check each of your appliances. We have a team for instant response in Essex, London and Kent.

Affordable Pricing: Unlike other PAT testing services, we provide flexible offers for our valuable clients. PAT testing costs vary with the number of appliances available, but we ensure the lowest prices with the best quality work.

Qualification of Electricians: Con-Fused is NICEIC approved and provides the right persons for PAT testing. We have a team of qualified specialists well-equipped with PAT testing equipment, always ready for emergency solutions. 


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Outcomes of PAT Testing Services by Con-Fused

After the testing, we will provide you with a comprehensive report of each appliance being tested to ascertain whether it qualifies for safe usage. The report would contain the following:

  • A PAT testing certificate for the domestic or commercial sector.
  • A list of appliances with their complete description, including the name and kind of appliance.
  • A detailed description of testing outputs clearly defining the condition of individual appliances.
  • List of failed items and why they are inappropriate to use. Each item will be tagged with the label fail or pass with the addition of inspection data.


Typically, an undefined fine or even prison of up to two years can result from not ensuring quality maintenance of the appliances for consumers. The fine may vary depending on the extent of the risk.

In PAT testing for landlords, the owners are answerable for the quality of appliances installed in the building. A qualified electrician should be hired to monitor all the appliances thoroughly.

Yes, you can have your own PAT testing for appliances if you know the elements of PAT testing, have enough knowledge and experience, understand the risks, and can clarify the results.