Fire Alarms & Protection Equipment

Fire protection is a cornerstone of keeping your property safe, and you can’t afford to take chances when it comes to minimising fire risks in your premises. Con-Fused Ltd offer a range of fire alarm services to ensure that you have a system that can be relied on in your time of need.

Having a fully-functioning fire alarm system is not only key to keeping you and others safe and protecting your property, but it’s also a legal requirement for commercial and industrial premises. We can design and install fire alarm systems designed specifically for your premises, but not before a comprehensive inspection of your existing system to assess your requirements. Whether you need a single alarm system or a complex network of fire alarms that link across a large site, you can rely on us to install the perfect setup.

Fire Alarm Installation & Maintenance

As well as fire alarm installation, we also offer maintenance and repairs to keep your existing system in safe, working order. If you have an older alarm system, or you’re interested in upgrading to the latest fire detection technology, Con-Fused have got you covered. For more information, please contact us today.