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Fire and smoke alarm installation in London is governed by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which applies to residential and business properties. Our certified and accredited team can help you with new installations, replacements, repairs, and general maintenance of your fire safety systems, such as smoke and fire alarms. Whether you want smoke or fire alarm installation in London, or the installation of a complete fire security system, you can rely on our experts.

Why Do You Need Fire Alarm Installation in London?

  • Smoke and fire alarms improve the overall security of a property.
  • They play an essential role in early fire detection and therefore help protect against the loss of assets and life.
  • They issue live-saving alerts in the form of loud alarms which warn people of the coming danger or threats.
  • They also enable firefighters and automated systems to respond promptly to hazardous situations.

Timely Detection for Immediate Response

Smoke detectors and fire alarms are essential components of any fire safety system. They can detect smoke and heat immediately and issue alerts. These alerts can enable people to evacuate a property in time and mitigate the risk of any loss of life. These alerts can also warn security and safety personnel, who can respond immediately or call the relevant authorities for help.

An efficient smoke and heat detector can prevent fires from spreading, issue warnings to nearby public and staff, and minimise losses. Smoke and fire alarms can especially come in handy for large residential properties such as apartments and properties which often deal with fire and smoke.

Our certified technicians can help protect your property regardless of its size. If you are a landlord and need to safeguard your property while ensuring compliance with regulations, we can install interconnected smoke alarms which offer better fire security in buildings such as apartments.

Compliance with Regulations

Regarding businesses, our fire alarm service company can ensure that your property complies with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This legislation applies to smoke alarm installation in London for all non-domestic premises, including commercial buildings, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, and other places of business.

The legislation stipulates that a fire risk assessment be carried out for all non-domestic premises. This assessment helps identify fire hazards, evaluate risks, and determine appropriate fire safety measures, including installing and maintaining smoke and fire alarm systems; it will determine the category of fire alarm system required for particular premises.

Competent individuals or companies must install and maintain smoke and fire alarm systems. The installation should comply with British Standards, such as BS 5839, which provides fire detection and alarm system guidelines. Regular maintenance services and testing are also necessary to ensure the ongoing functionality of the systems.

Fire Alarm Maintenance in London

Whether your smoke detector is not working or your fire alarm panel needs to be replaced, you can count on us. Our certified and experienced technicians offer complete fire alarm maintenance in London. We are also available for any emergency repairs and services around the clock. As a fire alarm system supplier, we can supply and install all the necessary parts that make up a complete and efficient fire safety system.

Fire Alarm Installation in London

Requirements for Personal Residential Properties

Apart from providing services to the commercial sector, we also offer them for residential properties. These include residential fire alarm service, repairs, and general maintenance apart from new installations.

The Building Regulations 2010 in England specify the requirements for smoke alarms in residential buildings. These may differ from other regions in the United Kingdom, but some are mentioned below for different residential settings:

  1. Detached or semi-detached houses: A smoke alarm must be installed on each floor used as living space, including the hallway leading to a living space.
  2. Houses converted into flats: If a house has been converted into multiple flats, each flat must have a smoke alarm installed within it. A smoke alarm should also be installed in communal areas, such as hallways or landings.
  3. HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupations): HMOs are properties where at least three or more unrelated individuals share common facilities, such as a kitchen or bathroom. In HMOs, the requirements for smoke alarms are more stringent. A smoke alarm must be installed in every room used for sleeping and in any communal areas like hallways or landings.

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