Smoke & Fire Alarm Installation in Ealing

Smoke & Fire Alarm Installation in Ealing

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Fire alarm installation Ealing is the process of installing a fire alarm system in a building. The system consists of a series of smoke detectors, heat detectors, and other sensors connected to a control fire alarm panel. When a fire is detected, the alarm will sound and alert building occupants to evacuate.

Trusted Smoke Alarm Installation Experts Serving Ealing

Con-Fused is a reputed name for supporting building owners and managers to meet their legal duties through top-notch fire alarm installation in Ealing. Our extensive range of cutting-edge fire alarm systems is tailored to suit any premises, ensuring your full compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

With a team of experienced and highly qualified engineers, we specialise in seamless fire alarm installation services. We guide you to select the ideal system that perfectly matches the layout and size of your building, after a comprehensive fire risk assessment. Trust Con-Fused for reliable compliance and superior protection.

Different Fire Alarm Systems We Install and Repair

Con-Fused is a fire alarm system supplier, offering diverse fire alarm systems with unique features and benefits to meet the needs and requirements of its clients’ properties. We install, maintain, and repair these fire alarm systems.

Two-Wire Fire Alarm Systems

They are a two-wire structure, connecting call points, detectors, and alarm devices to two-zone cables. This configuration offers flexibility, detector recognition, and isolation.

Ideal for smaller spaces, it enables fast smoke detection and cost-effective installation, despite a potentially higher initial investment.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

They eliminate the need for physical cables, using multi-frequency links for strong signals and continuous protection. Despite a higher upfront cost, these alarms offer flexibility and speedy installation and are ideal for properties where wiring is impractical or prohibited.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

These feature individually hardwired devices and panels connected to the control panel. These 4-wire systems are popular in smaller properties, with each detection zone linked to a dedicated circuit.

When a fire is detected, the panel identifies the triggered zone. Known for their affordability, conventional systems are favoured by shops and restaurants for their cost-effectiveness.

Analogue-Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

They interconnect components to the control panel, enabling manual and automatic alarms throughout the building. Unlike conventional systems, they provide precise information about the location of the device activated, not just the fire zone.

Ideal for large commercial properties, they require less cabling and offer direct fire location indication. Each smoke and heat detector has a unique address, ensuring reliable fire identification within zones.

Hybrid Fire Alarms

They are a blend of hardwired and wireless system, integrating them seamlessly for a customised and efficient solution. The addressable system acts as a dependable backup if the wired conventional system sustains damage.

Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

These systems are ultra-sensitive, swiftly detecting small fires. They use a fan to draw air through a particle-detecting unit, ensuring early smoke identification. While ideal for critical early detection, they require higher costs for installation and maintenance.

Smoke & Fire Alarm Installation in Ealing

Our Services Are Available Across These Sectors

Con-Fused serves Ealing, specialising in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing fire protection and security systems for diverse business premises. Our expertise extends to these sectors, but we are not limited to only these:

  1. Construction
  2. Education
  3. Data Centres
  4. Hospitality
  5. Health & Facilities
  6. Offices
  7. Letting Agents & Housing
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Retail
  10. Transport

No matter your industry, Con-Fused is committed to providing top-notch smoke detector installation in Ealing tailored to your specific needs.


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We Have a Seamless Installation Process

During the fire or smoke alarm installation in Ealing, our process as a reliable fire alarm service company will be tailored based on the specific system type and the size of the building. However, there are key steps involved in all smoke detector installations that we follow.

  1. We assess the building and select the appropriate system type we discussed earlier for the commercial or residential fire alarm service; we may opt for a wireless one or a wired system.
  2. After selecting the type, we choose and strategically place and install smoke detectors on every level, including the basement and high-risk areas like the kitchen and garage.
  3. We carefully connect the sensors to the control panel using wires for hardwired systems or radio waves for wireless systems.
  4. Once the smoke alarm installation in Ealing is complete, we perform thorough testing to ensure the control panel’s proper functionality and the alarms’ audibility.


Having at least one smoke detector on each level of your building, including the basement, is recommended. Additional detectors should be installed in each bedroom, outside sleeping areas, and near high-risk areas such as the kitchen and garage.

While some smoke detectors are designed for self-installation, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Professional fire alarm installers in Ealing have the expertise and knowledge to ensure proper placement, wiring, and functionality of the detectors, maximising their effectiveness and minimising false alarms.

Smoke detectors should be tested monthly to ensure they are functioning correctly. Regular fire alarm maintenance in Ealing includes cleaning the detectors from dust and debris and replacing batteries as needed (for battery-operated units). In certain scenarios, your system may require smoke alarm repair in Ealing.

Wireless smoke detectors have come a long way regarding reliability and performance. However, hardwired systems offer enhanced reliability since they are directly connected to the building’s electrical system and do not rely on wireless communication. The choice between the two depends on budget, building structure, and specific requirements.