EV Charger Installation in Essex

EV Charger Installation in Essex

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Although electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are relatively new, their stunning and innovative safety and design features have revolutionised the automobile industry. Along with zero carbon emission, they provide seamless and comfortable automated drive, which offers a more relaxing experience as compared to conventional vehicles.

However, where electric vehicles are evolving to be more efficient every day, their charging technologies are also evolving along the way. EV chargers have become faster and more powerful than ever. They are now capable of charging a fully drained electric vehicle within minutes. Moreover, they are readily available; you can install them at your home or office for your electric vehicle.

We at Con-Fused offer a comprehensive solution for EV charger installation in Essex tailored to your specific needs. Our team of qualified experts will guide you through installation, from consultation and assessment to charger selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Your Range of Selection

Slow Chargers: These are the most common and can be found in public places such as car parks, supermarkets, and on-street charging points. They typically provide up to 3kW of power and take 6-8 hours to fully charge an EV.

Fast Chargers: These chargers provide up to 22kW of power and take almost 3-4 hours to charge an EV. They are often found at service stations and other public locations.

Rapid Chargers: Rapid chargers provide up to 50kW of power and charge an EV to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes. They are typically installed on major highways and at petrol stations.

Ultra-Rapid Chargers: These chargers provide up to 350kW of power and are the fastest. They can charge an EV to 80% capacity in just 15 minutes. However, they are installed at very few places in the UK.

EV Charger Installation in Essex

Our Customer-Friendly Installation Process

As EV charger installers in Essex, our installation procedure typically involves the following steps:

Consultation and Assessment: We begin by consulting with you on your requirements and assessment of the property. This involves discussing the type of charger you need, your power supply capacity, available space, and any specific considerations.

Charger Selection and Supply: We help you choose the most suitable charger for your needs based on our consultation and assessment. We work only with reputed manufacturers and suppliers to provide our customers with top-of-the-line charging equipment.

Permissions and Approvals: We assist you in obtaining any necessary permissions and approvals required for the installation. This includes liaising with local authorities or other relevant parties to ensure compliance with regulations and guidelines.

Site Preparation: Before the installation, our team will select an optimal location to install the charger by conducting a survey. We assess the electrical infrastructure and make any necessary preparations or upgrades to accommodate the electric car charger installation in Essex.

Professional Installation: Our qualified and experienced team performs the electric vehicle charger installation with precision and adherence to safety standards. We mount the charger securely, connect it to the electrical supply, and ensure all wiring and connections are properly installed.

Testing and Commissioning: Once the installation is complete, we conduct comprehensive testing to verify the charger’s functionality and compatibility with your electric vehicle. We ensure that the charger delivers the expected charging capacity and meets safety requirements.

Registration and Maintenance: We assist you in registering the charger with relevant charging networks or authorities for tracking usage and accessing incentives. We also offer maintenance services to ensure the charger’s optimal performance and safety over time.


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Average Installation Cost for EV Chargers

EV charger installation cost depends upon different factors, and it is very difficult to estimate its cost without deciding on some parameters, such as the type of charger, the length of the cable and whether any electrical alterations are required.

Nevertheless, the following table will provide a rough estimate of the average cost that you may bear for your EV charging point installation in Essex:


Price (£)

Charger Point


Cost of installation








Security light


Con-Fused – Your Trusted Companion

Con-Fused is a well-established and recognised domestic and commercial EV charger installation service provider. Our commitment to the highest safety standards and work quality have rendered us eligible for trust and respect from our customers.

Take the first step and connect with us if you are an EV user and thinking of EV charger installation in Essex, and we will take it to the finish line.