EV Charger Installation in Colchester

EV Charger Installation in Colchester

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Electric cars have taken the world by storm, revolutionising the way we fuel our vehicles and propelling us towards a sustainable future. As more drivers embrace this electrifying shift, the demand for reliable EV charger installation in Colchester has skyrocketed.

Get your EV charger installation done and experience the merge of cutting-edge technology and the practicality of everyday life. With the comfort of an electric car charger at your home, all you have to do is just plug in and charge up your electric vehicle conveniently and safely.

Take Charge of Refuelling with Our Reliable EV Charger Installation

Con-Fused is your trusted electrical partner in Colchester and beyond! We specialise in providing top-notch electric vehicle charger installation services to power your journey towards a sustainable future. With our comprehensive expertise and devotion to excellence, you can rely on us to deliver exceptional workmanship.

In times of electrical emergencies, rest assured that our dedicated team of electricians is just a call away, available 24/7 to swiftly address your needs, whether at home or at your workplace. Get ready to experience the Con-Fused difference, where reliability meets exceptional service!

We Install All Types of Chargers for Your Needs

We’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of EV charging point installations in Colchester to meet your needs and keep you powered up on the go. Our installation services cover the following types of chargers:

Slow Chargers

Perfect as an electric car charger for home, these chargers have a power rating below 3.6kW. They can be conveniently plugged into standard UK three-pin sockets or Type 1 and Type 2 specified charging points. With a charging time of 6-12 hours, they provide a reliable and steady charge.

Medium Chargers

Designed for residential settings, these chargers operate between 3.6kW and 7kW. Using Type 1 or Type 2 cables, they can be connected to your installed charging station, delivering an average range of 12 miles per 30 minutes of charging.

Fast Chargers

Offering higher power outputs ranging from 7kW to 22kW, these chargers are commonly found in workplaces and can also be installed for domestic use. With charging times ranging from 3 to 7 hours, depending on the charger’s power output and battery size, they provide a quick and efficient charging solution.

Rapid Chargers

Our rapid chargers are the fastest charging option, capable of charging your car’s battery to 80% within 40 minutes or less. Operating at 43kW and above, these chargers are often available at petrol stations, motorway service stations, some supermarkets, and shopping centres.

No matter your charging needs, our EV charger installers in Colchester have the perfect solution to keep you on the move. Contact us now to explore our range of EV chargers, and let us provide you with a seamless and efficient charging experience.

Our Commercial EV Services Include the Following

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, now is the perfect opportunity to provide your team and visitors with electric charging infrastructure, setting the stage for a greener future. With our commercial EV charger installation, you get the following benefits:

  • Commissioning of manufacturer’s set-up and support
  • Back-end software set-up and training
  • Government grant advice and application
  • Tailored solutions
  • Revenue generation

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Everything Is Included in Our EV Charger Installation

With Con-Fused, your EV charger installation will be handled with profound professionalism and keen attention to detail, giving you a reliable charging solution that aligns with industry standards and your specific needs.

  1. Our electric car charging station installation service is available throughout the UK, offering affordable EV charger installation costs, convenience, and accessibility to customers across the country.
  2. Our licenced and experienced electricians are well-versed in government regulations and will install your electric vehicle charging station (Colchester EV) in full compliance with the specified rules and regulations.
  3. Prior to installation, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home or office to assess the electrical infrastructure and ensure it meets the requirements for your electric vehicle charger.
  4. After EV charger installation in Colchester, we perform a thorough start-up inspection to verify the functionality and performance of all equipment, ensuring everything is fully operational and ready for use.
  5. We provide on-site electrical consultations in Colchester and the surrounding areas, offering personalised guidance and expertise to help you make informed decisions regarding your EV charger installation.
  6. We equip our customers with complete Colchester EV information, including detailed explanations for proper usage, equipment features, maintenance, limitations, and warranty terms.

Contact Us Today to Rev Up Your Charging Experience!

At Con-Fused, we’re here to answer your electrical queries and offer our services for electric car charger installation in Colchester. Whether you’re seeking professional advice or simply want to explore the possibilities, our friendly team is just a click or call away. Contact us now, and let’s add some electrics to your home and workspace!


The charging time of your EV can vary significantly, ranging from as little as 30 minutes to as long as 12 hours. The duration is influenced by two key factors: the power capability of the battery of your car and the charging speed of the charging point you are using.

Charging an EV is cheaper than refuelling traditional cars with fuels, and their simplified construction results in reduced maintenance expenses. With fewer parts to wear or fail, EV servicing is more affordable. By choosing an EV, you contribute to a greener future and enjoy long-term savings.

Whether you prefer on-site inspections or remote surveys, we accommodate your preferences. Our team of experienced home EV charger installers will guide you through the process, ensuring a personalised experience tailored to your needs.

For optimal convenience, we suggest installing the home EV charger on an external wall of your property or on either side of your garage. This strategic placement ensures that the charger is within easy reach and charging distance of your vehicle, providing a seamless and efficient charging experience.