EV Charger Installation in Camden

EV Charger Installation in Camden

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Electric Car Charger Installation in Camden

At Con-Fused, we offer top residential and commercial EV charger installation solutions. Our in-house team of certified and accredited electricians provides you with consultation, installation, repairs, and general servicing of EV chargers.

An EV charging point installation in Camden can be useful if you have electric vehicles and want to bid goodbye to the hassle of driving to commercial charging points. The installation will also provide you with several benefits in the form of cost savings, convenience, faster charging, and many more.

We cover major regions of the UK. Get in touch if you own an electric vehicle or are looking to get one and want EV charger installation in Camden.

Expert Advice

When choosing an electric vehicle charger, the following elements are considered:

  • charging speed
  • installation location
  • compatibility
  • smart features
  • connectivity
  • warranty
  • cost

Our EV charger installation services include consultation and advice. Our qualified electricians will assess your electrical infrastructure and ensure it can support the installation of an EV charger at your home. They can help you decide on the right charger type, capacity, and any necessary electrical upgrades to ensure a safe and efficient charging setup. Therefore, get the best advice for your EV charger installation in Camden based on your car type and preferences.

EV Charger Installation in Camden

Convenient and Time-Saving

An electric car charger for home provides the convenience of charging your vehicle whenever required. You can plug in your EV overnight or during off-peak hours, ensuring it’s fully charged and ready for use in time of need.

Home charging saves you frequent trips to charging stations. You don’t have to invest extra time to find an available charging spot or wait for your EV to charge. Home chargers, especially Level 2 chargers, offer more rapid charging than standard Level 1 or public charging stations. This means you can charge your EV more quickly at home, reducing the time required to replenish your vehicle’s battery.

Cost Savings

EV charging at home is more economical than public charging stations. Residential electricity rates are typically lower than public charging rates, especially during off-peak hours. Taking advantage of time-of-use tariffs or lower electricity rates can save money on your charging expenses.

A home EV charger installation in Camden grants you complete authority over your EV’s charging schedule and charging levels. You can customise your charging routine to your energy needs and preferences.

Contact our EV charger installers in Camden today if you want to derive the cost-benefit of installing an EV point at home.

Resale Value

EV charger installation at home can enhance your building’s resale value. As EV popularity continues to grow, having a dedicated home charger becomes appealing for potential buyers who own or plan to own an electric vehicle. It can set your property apart in the real estate market and increase its desirability.

Emergency Preparedness

A home charger provides a backup charging option during emergencies or power outages. If you have a battery backup system or access to alternative power sources (e.g. solar panels or generators), you can continue to charge your EV and maintain mobility even when the grid is down.


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