Consumer Unit Upgrades

More than 18,000 electrical fires occur in homes across the UK every year, and as your consumer unit is the hub of your building’s electrical circuits, it can play a significant role in your property’s fire safety. Con-Fused Installations are NICEIC-accredited providers of fuse box inspections and installations, assessing your outmoded consumer unit and determining the most suitable replacement.

Modern fuse boxes contain residual circuit devices (RCDs) and mini circuit breakers (MCBs) which detect potential electrical overloads and shut down specific circuits, greatly reducing the risk of fire. Older fuse boxes do not have these features, which means you could unknowingly be at risk of fire or electric shocks, so it’s important a modern one is installed by a qualified, competent person.

If you know your consumer unit needs replacing, or if you’re unsure of your situation, contact Con-Fused Installations today; our friendly team can arrange an inspection and the installation of a new fuse box if necessary. We serve London, the Home Counties, Basildon, Benfleet, Southend and Essex.