EICR Certificate in Harrow

EICR Certificate in Harrow

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An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is a special document made by an expert electrician after thoroughly checking a property’s electrical systems. It helps find any problems or damage that could be dangerous and suggests how to make things better.

If you rent a property in England or Wales, you must have an EICR certificate in Harrow. Even for homeowners and businesses, regularly checking the electrical systems is a good idea. Doing this can prevent electrical accidents and fires. And we can help obtain the EICR report.

Get Compliant with EICR Certificate

Con-Fused understands the importance of electrical safety, so it provides reliable EICR testing services for landlords, home buyers, house sellers, estate agents, and rental properties. Our expert electrician team holds NICEIC accreditation and strictly adheres to Part P of building regulations.

From electrical safety certificates to fault diagnosis, we’ve got you covered. Equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment, our engineers swiftly identify any issues, providing you with a detailed report and recommendations for necessary improvements.

What Is the Aim of an EICR Report?

The primary motto of an EICR report for commercial, domestic, and residential premises is to:

  1. Identify and document any damages or wear and tear that could potentially affect safety.
  2. Provide detailed results of the testing to demonstrate that the electrical installation is secure to use.
  3. Point out any parts of the installation that do not meet wiring regulations, ensuring compliance with safety standards.
  4. Highlight anything that could cause burns or electric shocks, helping to prevent accidents and injuries.
  5. Serve as a thorough record of the electrical installation at the time of inspection, creating a documented history for future reference.
EICR Certificate in Harrow

Who Requires the Electrical Safety Certificate?

An electrical safety certificate is required by several individuals, including:

  1. Private Landlords: If you own a property you want to rent, you must have a landlord electrical safety certificate. It will make it easier to rent your property.
  2. Home Buyers: If you’re purchasing a costly home and want to ensure the electrical connections are secure and meet safety standards, you need an electrical certificate for confirmation.
  3. Homeowners: Even as a homeowner, you may need an electrical certificate to ensure the electrical connections in your property are safe.
  4. Renting Through an Agent: If you plan to rent your property through a letting agent, an EICR in Harrow is required.

What Happens During the Electrical Inspection?

During an electrical inspection, our specialist electrician goes through several steps to ensure the proper operations and safety of the electrical system.

  1. Visual Assessment: Our experienced electrician visually inspects the equipment to check for obvious signs of damage or wear. They look for cracks, breaks, or signs of overheating, which might indicate the need for repairs or replacements.
  2. Testing Circuits: The electrician disconnects the electrical installation from the main power supply. They perform dead testing on particular circuits to pinpoint any poorly attached wires. They will also do live electrical testing to check if the system disconnects quickly in case of a fault, ensuring safety in the future.
  3. Checking Earthing and Bonding: The quality of earthing and bonding is examined to ensure sufficient earth protection.
  4. Inspecting Equipment: Our company’s expert examines sockets, switches, light fittings, power outlets, and other installed sockets on the premises.

Once the testing is complete, the electrician provides the owner with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), also known as an EICR certificate. It contains detailed feedback on the electrical installation’s condition, categorised as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.


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EICR Certificate in Harrow

What Is Included in the EICR Report?

When we provide you with the EICR certificate in Harrow, the following are the things included in the report:

  1. Property Information: It includes the address and name of the property.
  2. Inspection Date: The report specifies the date when the EICR was conducted.
  3. Electrician’s Details: You’ll find the name and qualifications of the electrician who performed the trials.
  4. Overview of Electrical Condition: The report provides an overview of the current condition of your electrical installation.
  5. Areas of Improvement: Any spaces that require an upgrade or show potential issues will be highlighted in the report.
  6. Guidance for Improvement: The report will also include guidance on how to resolve these identified areas of improvement, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.


Landlords must get their electrical installations checked every five years by a qualified person to comply with the law. However, you can get an EICR report to assess your property’s electrical condition anytime.

The time to complete an EICR depends on your property’s size and the number of circuits. Usually, it requires about 3 to 4 hours.

Yes, for every new tenancy, you need a fresh EICR report. The electrical installation’s condition might have changed since the last report, so getting a new one is essential.

As a landlord or employer, you could incur penalties of up to £30,000 if some electrical incident occurs and you don’t have an EICR. However, having a ‘pass’ certificate ensures your property’s electrical safety and helps you avoid penalties.