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Hire Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Installation Service

A fire alarm system is a safety device that provides a heads-up in the event of any fire, smoke or even an excessive amount of carbon monoxide. It gives time to respond and evacuate the building. In case of a fire, it sends a signal to its control panel, alerting the occupants through audible signals and emergency lights. This provides the ultimate sense of safety and relaxation to the people working or living in the building.

Fire alarm systems have evolved significantly over the years with advances in technology. They can save lives and minimise damage to the building via early-alert system. Essential and lifesaving, they must be installed in buildings to see a potential fire and warn everyone nearby before it’s too late. Installing a trustworthy fire alarm system contributes massively to the building’s and its occupants’ safety.

Con-Fused is providing premium-quality commercial fire alarm installation services for years. We present the best choice for you if you want to install a fire alarm system at your office. Our intensive procedure of installation will provide you with the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to fire safety.

Benefits of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Installation

Saves You from Inhaling Smoke

Inhaling smoke even for a few minutes can have drastic results on the person. Since smoke is mostly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, it can cause deoxygenation of the blood and hypoxia which leads to severe health complications.

A fire alarm system can detect smoke and alert the occupants, providing precious time required to evacuate the building before the situation worsens.

Early Fire Detection

A fire alarm system detects a fire before it starts to spread. This provides enough response time to both people in the building and the fire department to take the necessary steps to contain and control the fire.

24/7 Safety

A fire alarm system monitors the building 24/7 in real-time even when the building is empty. This provides a complete sense of protection to the occupants of the building.

A Great Investment

Although fire alarm systems seem expensive, they are a great investment to make, given the unrivalled safety and protection they provide.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Components of a Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system consists of five integral components, which are:

  • Control panel
  • Initiating devices
  • Notification devices
  • Main power source
  • Backup power source

Control Panel

A fire alarm control panel is like the CPU of the system that runs and monitors all the devices and sensors in real-time. Modern control panels are even equipped with digital display screens and provide options for different sensor settings for different zones as well.

Initiating Devices

These devices are used to activate the system when an emergency occurs. They can be both manual and automatic. Manual devices include pull handles or manual buttons to activate the system, whereas automatic devices use multiple sensors to detect an emergency and activate the system.

Notification Devices

These devices then send signals to all the occupants and alert them to the emergency in the building. These signals can be in the form of visual, audio, or a combination of both, and can even be the instructions on the evacuation plan of the building if they are already fed to them.

Main Power Source

It uses the same primary source of alternating voltage that your power company is providing. However, their power line can be separate from the power line of your building.

Backup Power Source

A backup power source is usually 6 or 12V batteries that can keep your alarm system operational in case of any accidental power failure.


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Our Services for Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises highly experienced professionals who approach every project professionally and design a perfect alarm system unique to the building.

Extensive Process

We follow a highly extensive process of designing and installing a fire alarm system to provide fail-safe protection to our customers. Our process includes:

  • Surveying the building to assess all the requirements.
  • Designing the perfect fire alarm system for it.
  • Installing the alarm system.
  • Conducting a fire risk assessment
  • Support and maintenance

Fire Alarm Systems Repair Services

Con-Fused not only designs and installs commercial fire alarm systems but also provides full emergency repairs and spare parts as well. Our emergency electrician service will knock at your door anytime you need to resolve any problem that your fire alarm system is facing.

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