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Commercial Electricians in Kent

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Top Commercial Electrical Services

Our commercial electricians in Kent specialise in providing electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance in commercial settings. Trained and equipped with the most modern tools, they are experienced in handling commercial buildings’ electrical systems and requirements, such as offices, retail stores, warehouses, factories, and other non-residential structures.

Electrical Installations & Repairs

Our commercial electrical contractors offer expert services for installing electrical systems in commercial buildings. These include wiring, circuit breakers, switches, outlets, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components necessary for the operation of the building.

When electrical systems or components in commercial buildings experience malfunctions or damage, our commercial electricians can diagnose the issue and carry out repairs. They can troubleshoot electrical problems, identify faulty components, and repair or replace them to restore functionality.

Electrical Upgrades and Remodeling

Our commercial electrician company in Kent can handle the electrical upgrades and remodelling for commercial buildings undergoing renovations or expansions. They ensure that the electrical systems are modified or expanded to meet the increased power demands and comply with electrical codes and safety standards.

Electrical Maintenance

Our certified commercial electricians in Kent perform routine electrical maintenance tasks, which include inspecting electrical components, identifying potential issues, cleaning and lubricating equipment, and performing preventive maintenance to handle breakdowns and ensure safety. We also offer 24/7 emergency electrical for instant resolution of electrical issues you may face.

Lighting Installations and Maintenance

We also install, repair, and maintain various lighting systems in commercial buildings. These include overhead, emergency, exterior, and specialised lightings such as accent or energy-efficient LED lighting.

Electrical Safety and Code Compliance

With our services, you can ensure that the electrical systems in your commercial building comply with safety codes and regulations. Our electricians can conduct inspections, perform safety tests, and make necessary modifications or repairs to meet safety standards and avoid potential hazards.

Commercial Electricians in Kent

Power Distribution

Our accredited and experienced commercial electricians can also handle electrical power distribution throughout commercial buildings. They can install and maintain electrical panels, transformers, and circuit breakers, ensuring proper power distribution to different areas and equipment within the building.

New Builds and Renovations

Our electricians work closely with architects, contractors, and other commercial construction or renovation professionals. They ensure that electrical systems are perfectly installed, functioning correctly, and meet the specific requirements of the commercial building. Their expertise in electrical systems and regulations can be essential in maintaining a safe and efficient electrical infrastructure in commercial settings.

Preparation of EICR

EICR stands for Electrical Installation Condition Report, a crucial document that assesses the condition and safety of electrical network in buildings. EICRs are relevant for residential and commercial clients and play a vital role in ensuring electrical safety and compliance with regulations.

When it comes to commercial clients, obtaining an EICR is particularly important due to the larger scale and complexity of electrical systems in commercial buildings. Our certified and qualified electricians can conduct a detailed inspection when it is due and prepare the EICR for your business.


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Compliance with Commercial Electric Regulations in the UK

In the United Kingdom, commercial electrical installations are subject to various regulations and standards to ensure electrical systems’ safety, compliance, and proper functioning. The key regulations governing commercial electrical work in the UK include the following:

  1. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989
  2. The Building Regulations 2010 (Part P)
  3. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  4. The IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671)
  5. Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020

Commercial electricians must stay current with these regulations and ensure compliance when performing electrical work in commercial buildings. We ensure this at all times, as compliance not only ensures the safety of occupants and users of the building but also helps avoid legal issues and penalties associated with non-compliance.

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